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*I was banned with no proof* 6 months ago

I am continuing from my previous post that was deleted

I'm sorry but you cannot use that 'proof' as a reason for you to ban me, based on numbers an letters?. There is a lot of inconsistency on that data. You have not taken into consideration on how i play, the accessories I use and type of firing. Yes, I camp a lot (that's not cheating), i use bipods a lot and single firing-mode. I know for a fact that there are players out there how would report other players for playing better than them and that's ridiculous. There are lot of haters and jealousy in the community. If you are going to use that 'proof' as a reason for you to ban me then you need to reconsider because that 'proof is ridiculous, in my opinion 

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I was banned with no proof 6 months ago

I made an appeal on discord about the ban on my account and still got banned for no reason

I have never cheated or use any third party softwares. I was accused of cheating when i was in a camping position in Op Metro where a lot of enemies were coming upstairs. But yet i was banned with no proof given. 

I would like to see proof of the banned that given to me

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