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Banned without motives(Ban Appeals) 1 year ago

Soldier Name: (NoobStealth)

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Have You Claimed Your Soldier: (Yes.)

Appeal: (I play BF4 for years, I hate hackers. I always played clean. I stopped for a while because I had no partner, but before yesterday I returned to play because my friend "Kappetta7" also returned to play. I do not even play very well to be a hacker suspect. My KDR 0.93 already says for itself.

I believe I was denounced because I did a 4kills Kill Streak with only 2 bursts, until I was surprised. 

I do not want to lose my account with 362 hours played ... I do not have the money to buy BF4 again. You must understand that Brazilians are difficult to provide mony.

Sorry for bad English. My native language is Portuguese.

Thank you for your attention.)

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Banned without motives 9 months ago

Por gentileza, eu jogo esse game a anos, tinha parado de jogar mas voltei a jogar agora com meu parceiro "Kappetta7", ontem pelo jeito fui reportado sem motivos... Eu jogo limpo, olha meus historicos por favor, eu nem sou o melhor player do mundo pra acharem que sou hacker, agora não consigo jogar nos meus servidores favoritos. Isso foi um engano, eu ajudo a comunidade também, odeio esses hackers. Por gentileza, me ajudem, não tenho dinheiro para comprar bf4 novamente. Meu XP que estou perdendo, minhas horas e horas de jogo.. Por favor, analizem...

I've played this game for years, I stopped playing but I came back to play now with my partner "Kappetta7", yesterday I was reported without reasons ... I play fair, look at my history please, I'm not even best player in the world to think I'm a hacker, now I can not play on my favorite servers. That was a mistake, I help the community too, I hate these hackers. Please help me, I can not afford to buy bf4 again. My XP I'm losing, my hours and hours of game .. Please, analyze ...

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