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EK_Venom - Aimbot 4 years ago


Just meet this player earlier today, he killed me 4 times without any miss and then i checked his stats and hes lvl 18 and has 2.55 K/D already.

stats url: https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/EK_Venom

BF4DB link: https://bf4db.com/player/824726410

Even blue, red, green lines on his BF4DB profile is not in same spot either.

Tell me what you think.

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DangIar - Aimbot 4 years ago


I recently meet this player called DangIar and he was normal fair play but now he is extremly doing aimbot and i told him to stop it and he even told me in chat okay im off the cheat now. after he was banned off a server.

If you want pic of him admiting it then i can add it and if you still need more proof i will have to figure out best recording software and record him hacking so he wil be caught.

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unexpected8 - Aimbot & Wallhack 4 years ago

Player is using aimbot and wallhack due to how he runs around jumping around corners shooting enemies in head 90% of times

Proof 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbhu8CahOoE - in this video you can see him shooting enemies that aren't even on screen yet he gets headshot bonus alot and he does 90% headshot.

Proof 2: https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/unexpected8 this site claims him as SUSPICOUS and "CAUTION: This player seems to be linked to a cheater" and https://i-stats.net/index.php?action=pcheck&player=+unexpected8+&game=BF4&sub=Check+Player this site also says SUSPICOUS and marks out his WEP in yellow with ACC of 101,83% which is defently aimbot sign.

If a pro player was that good 247fairplay and i-stats wouldn't say suspicous data found since i have meet real pro players and checked their stats on the site did was marking some green, yellow, orange here and there but it never says SUSPICOUS DATA FOUND and it never said "CAUTION: This player seems to be linked to a cheater" this is proof to show you this player is hacking.

Not last but least. Player even admited in a youtube video that he uses Wallhack and Aimbot but that video was taken down quite quickly so i can't link it :/

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WastetheWasteLnD - Suspicous player 5 years ago

This player has really high K/H and K/HA acrodently to this website


K/H is 50.4%

K/HA is 55.74%

Really suspicous, idk if he is hacking or using something but this 2 status was trigered on 247fairplay as really high :/ So i hope you guys can come up with good solution and ban him hopefully otherwise i will have to find a way to squeeze more proof of him.

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TWBGGod/JamesNooob - Aimbot 5 years ago


Okay so i meet player named JamesNooob yesterday and he acted just like aimbot abuser, but he said he isn't hacking but today he tried to join same server as yesterday and then it says JamesNooob has been banned by punkbuster. couple of times and after checking metabans PB has banned him for aimbot and even Metaban has applied a ban on him for it.

proof: http://metabans.com/player?i=WBU8

it does not say any hacks listed but still PB sems to caught the hacks while metabans hasn't so he was then manually banned at metabans for aimbot for 5 years but i think he deservs a good full time ban from bf4 so i hope you guys will accept this as enough proof. If not i will try dig out more evidence from PB itself if possible.


Update: Just saw now he is banned from BF4DB aswell http://bf4db.com/player/877535917 xD so Nvm.

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C4PT41N_COLD - Hacks 4 years ago


This player is using hacks since he keeps shooting my friend through walls and shit, and when my friend knifed him behind he shoot him anyway and stuff like that and he uses damage hack/mode since i gota keep shooting 2 bullets on him while his does 1 shoot kill every single time. both of us has defensive class yet he does 1 hit kill what so ever and it's body shoot to, but when i shoot him nope allways gota do 2 shoots on him so therefore he is using damage hack and WH and something more since he shoot my friend tons of times through walls and stuff.

The only kill that worked on him mostly was Knife, otherwise everything else failed.

Also server i'm on doesen't allow spectating so it's impossible to record his behaviour from spectator mode :/

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