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Getting banned for glitching 3 weeks ago

If you get banned for reason map reason aka glitch by

Can you get linked account ban if you get a new account and start playing bf4 again?

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BF4 question 1 month ago

Is it considered stad-padding if player A sees that player B has nice dogtag he wants to get. Also if the player B agrees to give the dogtag to player A by letting him kill for free if the player A gives player B something back in return.

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Urgent cheater ban request 2 months ago

Im sorry Im posting this bf4db cheat report link here.

I know this section should only be used for players marked as clean but I want to stop this player cheat career now. I dont want him to ruin any more games he has already ruined. Please do something about him.

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Commander cheat bf4 2 months ago

Do you think it is possible to cheat in bf4 while playing commander mode? 

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Stupid bf4 question 2 months ago

Can normal weapons damage scout helicopter or transport choppers in bf4? 

I dont mean engineer anti-tank weapons,assault class grenade launcher or support/recon c4. 

Can anyone please answer I forgot the answer. 

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