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  • ANTC
    Member since 5 years ago
    Reasons for reporting Reverends_Daddy

    Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, Multihack, Linked Account

    Report #1
    Additional Information

    noob aimchest cheater

    hack set aimbot too fast,so often low headshot

    SG553 27583kills acc13.27% hsk14.1%

    K41,acc=15%,no head

    K38,acc=6%,3 head

    K26,acc=8%,no head

    K41,acc=8%,3 head

    K31,acc=11%,no head

    K50,acc=7%,3 head

    link ID=Reverend_Priest

  • Flying_Autist
    Member since 4 years ago

    I don't think he is cheating. He has been playing for quite a while on our servers and I have never seen anything suspicious about him..

  • GoodFood2K16
    Retired Staff
    Member since 5 years ago


    This player has been cleared by BF4DB

    Reason: No Proof Provided

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