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  • j0p3s
    Member since 1 year ago
    Reasons for reporting ProjectOriginZ

    DMG Mod, ESP/Wallhack, Multihack, Punkbuster

    Report #1
    Additional Information

    This guy is using a damage mod to kill vehicles with a single tow missile with no locks at all

    Look at his battlereports! Its a 135hour old account... phishy KD's and one hit kill on vehicles

  • GoodFood2K16
    Member since 2 years ago

    probably an alt from an experienced vehicle player. I see no weird damage stats. without video evidence the claim of damage mod against vehicles can't be proven. Next to this, the variable of KD ratio itself is never a stat to ban for, as this is just a simple calculation of kills devided by deaths. If players play carefull and with skill it is easy to boost this stat. To conclude, no stats indicate cheating. 

  • GoodFood2K16
    Member since 2 years ago


    This player has been cleared by BF4DB

    Reason: Clean Stats

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