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  • kamel92
    Member since July 23, 2020

    I don't know why I was banned
    Fortunately, I was able to play in a server and recorded some clips to upload your video
    To ensure that I do not use fraud programs
    Rather, I play snipers in a good way and nothing more
    Of course, whoever plays snipers in a good way can play the way of ----dragshot----
    I leave you watching the video in order to prove to you that I play well and do not cheat

    Of course, this is the first video on the channel, I just uploaded it for you

    Finally, I regret that English is not good because I used Google Translate
    I hope after watching the video, the ban will be cleared of me

    My profil

  • kamel92
    Member since July 23, 2020

    actually it is. two days ago I took a ban and I opened a ban appeal in the forum and still didn't receive an answer
    this is not the first time that I receive a ban even though I have proofs and videos that I am NOT a hacker
    it's not fair that I buy this game to play it and when I get good at it you ban me for being too good! it's my right to play I bought it and I repeat I AM NOT A HACKER
    I'm ready to open a live for you since I start my computer to show you I am not a hacker
    i'm ready for anything

  • kamel92
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    I've reviewed the evidence and don't feel like it is ban worthy at this time.