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  • jul
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    I am contacting you regarding my ban of 06/28/20. I would like you to remove my ban because I have never cheated.

    It's been more than 200 hours of games and I'm just at level 83 with an account that is only 5 months old, that shows that I'm not cheating.

    There is also a youtube video of "Deinemudda" which shows that I am stuck behind the elevator because I reappeared on an antenna beacon (we can see the beacon on the map at minute 0:56) and I don't know how to get out. And i haver never kill someone when i was behind the elevator.

    On this picture you can see the antenna beacon "".

    Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day.

  • jul
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    Reviewing video footage, please hold on.

  • jul
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    Video evidence doesn't show malicious use of map glitch, as per our policy I see no reason to keep the ban.


    Please be careful next time, don't forget that you always have the possibility to respawn using the suicide option in the menu. Also spead the word that abusing glitches is bannable by us and others.