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    For the life of me i cant get the extended weapon stats to work (you know the one with the pic of a man showing all the hit boxes etc)

    Anyone help?


    u see my last reply? post here your bblog version, if its 5.3.2, then press f2, click on console, then try to open extended weapon info, copy the entire log from the console, post here, if its not 5.3.2 u are using an old version.

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    Thanks for that, for some reason it said Better Battlog 9.9.9 so i must have downloaded it from a 'dodgy site'...

    Removed it ran malware run advanced systemcare restarted and reinstalled 5.3.2 on chrome....

    Worked a treat!

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    Sorry for the late reply, changed the tutorial to include the new versions. Thanks Russao!