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  • Krasimir Bozhkov
    Member since July 28, 2020

     can't understand I have a ban because I have old sins just because of that

    it's kind of stupid for someone else's sins to scare me, I'll buy a new one and I'll have a ban again

    some tell me if there is anything suspicious again this time


  • Krasimir Bozhkov
    Member since January 04, 2018

    Linked Accounts:

    • Accounts having overlapping IP and timestamp information will be considered a linked account. Player information streamed to the Service can be used for this purpose.

    • If an account is currently banned by BF4DB, all other accounts that are positively identified as a linked account will receive a ban for “Linked Account” as well. Similarly, if the main ban successfully appeals, all other alt bans will be lifted.

    • Accounts having the same Gravatar will be considered linked, and treated appropriately.

    • Accounts will not be linked if an account is marked as being stolen after an appeal UNLESS cheating is detected after the recovery date as set forth in the appeal.