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  • Cypok
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    Person who did Threats in battlelog chat - FARMED_BY_NOAH 
    You know him vukashin vukasin 
    he give fake info about he leave BF4 zone and etc. i sure - he lie.

    info about him on bf4db

    after the start of threats attack lasts 1 week on all game servers on a dedicated server. The attack is performed 4-6 times per day. It is continuous throughout the week. Al aplyers kicked, when ddos,server full or half-full and again kicked.
    i not know DDOS stopped or no. Befor start DDOS i in first day get BOT-spam to few gameservers of dedicated serevr. in name of bots symbol as xz. BOT spamm stopped and started non-stop DDOS. long time small DDOS - players have freeze of picture, and few times  - more strong ddos - all players kicked. 
    i yesterdey added new - IP, new IP get more strong DDOS.

    at the moment there are 2 written threats from him. there is a long-term DDOS attack. there are victims and the admins of the servers. This is enough to report to the police (Interpol) electronically. Vukashin accessory to crime


  • Cypok
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    Report the account via Discord and ask your host to go to their local law enforcement agency. If they don't want to do that themselves, ask them for any logs and information you can report to law enforcement yourself.

    For more info, hop in our Discord.