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  • voooi
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    I want you to take a look at BackToErase. Without any proof this guy is market as 'clean', but that is not the case.

    I am going to take his AEK-971 stats as example:

    KPM 7.30 - a bit on a high side put possible to do if you are always in a front line and when not shooting switching to defib or something like that
    ACC 26% - pretty normal in a competitive scene
    HSKR 18.98 - normal
    DMG 13.36 - and this is where he slips and I'm gonna tell you why

    This means that he is using AEK as a distance weapon dealing most of the time min dmg and dominating, now that acc looks fishy as well as it is not possible to have 26% with full auto on a distance.

    So gentleman, this guy is using macro.

    I'll link some good and top players out there so you can see what normal stats look like:
    nickel -
    jika -
    horec -
    moneycube -
    metinpasa -
    hexe -
    here is mine as well  -

  • voooi
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    A macro can not be concluded based on stats alone. I can not find anything to ban this player. High accuracy at range is possible, especially on locker.

    Locking thread, as no new evidence is provided.