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    The following changes have been made to the website.


    • Updated back-end queuing and web framework, which should make your website experience faster and seamless.
    • Updated JavaScript framework to vuejs, which should make vueing pages much faster and more reactive.
    • Updated website footer design, so you can find the stuff you want. Also provides a great clicking experience for those that are bored.
    •  Updated private messaging system to be more mobile friendly. It didn't use to be, and it made a lot of people very sad. Merry Christmas, sad people.
    • Updated the notification system.

    Most of this update had to do with performance increases as well as laying the groundwork for what's to come shortly. We've got a lot of new features and improvements in the works, and this update will allow us to more easily implement those. Some of the new goodies that you can look forward to include:

    • Advanced Battle Report statistics
    • Advanced player searching
    • Server Teams
    • More cow bell
    • Hardcore vs Softcore statistics on all profiles
    • Hacker demographics/statistics
    • Improved plugin performance
    • BF4DB hosted RCON Plugin

    More information on the above features will come as we get closer to launching them. If you have any questions, please let us know.