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    Today I'm happy to announce the launch of 1.1.1. 


    • PayPal Integration
      • been integrated so you can now contribute to BF4DB using either PayPal OR Stripe. Both payment gateways do not store any kind of payment information on our servers and is handled entirely by the respective company.

    • Platoon Bans
      • Platoon bans will now display where it shows other platoon members. If there is a member of the platoon that is banned, a nice red banned notice will appear.

    • Database Backups
      • We've tweaked database backups to be more efficient in case some kids get mad.

  • Sovereign_Skies
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    Nice, this slowly better and best.

    When coming update new smiley here? This is cool :P

  • Sovereign_Skies
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    I love the platoon ban feature. ;)