• Sovereign_Skies
    Member since May 05, 2017

    The following changes have been pushed to the website.


    • Add Color For User Groups
              - We've added colors for user groups, to easier identify users on the Forums and around the website.


    • Redirect Routes to Other AC Sites
              - Other websites that used to link to BF4DB.com have had broken links up until now resulting in a 404 error. The routes have been updated so these should no longer be broken. If you do notice anything out of place or not working properly, please be sure to let us know.
    • Thread/Post Editing Ability
              - Administrators and Moderators now have the ability to edit threads and posts on the Forums in case personal information or obscene material needs to be removed.
    • Use Javascript for Repuation
              - Now when giving reputation to someone on the Forums, the page will no longer need to be reloaded to assign Reputation.
    • New format for Patch Notes
              - Not sure how long this will last, but it's a start.
  • Sovereign_Skies
    Member since May 26, 2017

    Nice Sovereign_Skies,

    Please this BF4DB data backup. When coming soon problem 404 error. You this backup and never problem.
    Background should keep silent when scrolling down. It is very beautiful.

    Have fun with new server.

    Greeting Soldier2016