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    Hello, everyone!

    1.0.2 has been published to the site making the following changes/fixes:

    • Fixed report post views for deleting. 
    • Added report post editing. 
    • Fixed a typo on the profile page. 
    • Changed admin ban creation submit button text from "Ban" to "Submit" to better reflect what the button does. 
    • Added redirect from /home to the main web page. 
    • Fixed an issue where usernames on player notes wouldnt show. 
    • Information about presentation will only show if a user has claimed the profile as theirs or if the presentation is set. 
    • Fixed error and added validation on player notes controller. 
    • Modified search filter to find all players within the cem_ea_id namespace which should cover all pc players. 
    • Handle csrf token missmatches gracefully. 
    • Fixed typo in auto-generated Tweets.