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  • Fernando Dias
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    AppealHello, my name is Fernando Dias I was helping my brother to record a video showing a flaw in the game, our Nick in the game are our real names that we use on social networks, which is no longer the usual hack, I understand that we should have reported this flaw for EA and shown the problem on an empty server, but I don't think it's fair to ban BF4DB we play honestly, and our KD on the day of the video was extremely ridiculous, where we showed a serious flaw. I kindly ask for a review of this ban, since in no way do we use a program or software to harm anyone.

    I thank you for your understanding

  • Fernando Dias
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    Yes. It is a flaw in the game.

    No. You are not playing honestly when you are exploiting a flaw in design to give yourself an unfair advantage.