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    I don't know why I was banned.But I guess it's because three years ago my friend and I were on a map and we had a really long kill. And then I didn't play BF4 because I worked for years. Now that I am free and want to return to this game, I find that I am banned. I'm not a webbot. I'm a real human being. I want to play this game because I like it very much. I don't think I should be banned from playing this game.

    I asked for my ban to be lifted. This game brought me a lot of happiness and I met a lot of friends. It was great fun to play with these friends. 

    I'm sorry I don't know how to upload pictures on the iPad, but I'm asking the authorities to lift the ban on me and let me go back to the good old days of playing the game

    Sorry, my English is not good, so I used the translation software.


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    Stat padding confirmed.