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    It’s that time of year again. We reflect on the previous year and look forward to the next one. This is also a time of visiting friends and family and taking well deserved vacations.

    Our all-volunteer staff of 12 is no different. We span multiple continents, numerous countries, and countless time zones. Yet we are one big anti-cheat family. One that we are proud of, and one that we encourage to spend time with their own family and friends.

    As it should be with anything gaming related, real life comes first. As any of our staff will tell you, we don’t have activity requirements, ask staff to process a certain number of reports or appeals per day or week. We are all volunteers. We do this on our spare time for fun, and for the betterment of the Battlefield 4 community.

    Most users don’t know what goes on “behind closed doors” of our staff-only Discord channels. But it’s a lot of back and forth, asking each other to double check their bans and findings, or even asking for another set of eyes if we’re not sure on something. And all of this is between members of staff dotted around the globe.

    Also a lot don’t know our specific staff procedures. We have an SOP manual for our staff which lays out what each tier is responsible for. A singular example is Moderators are responsible for player reports, Administrators are responsible for appeals, and Directors are responsible for the overall smooth operation of our services as well as escalated appeals, legal, and billing, not to mention development of the site. 

    We currently have a number of staff on holiday, from all tiers. That can be expected through the end of the year. This holiday season, please be mindful of the above when you wonder why appeals are taking longer to be processed, or reports are slower to be cleared. We are operating at a reduced staffing so that our team can take their time with their loved ones, and take a step back from the sometimes toxic player base that we encounter in our line of work.

    We do apologize for any undue delay, and we will be happy to assist as soon as we can. 

    Kind regards and happy holidays,


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    Thanks a lot for your good service guys!!!