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  • heboll
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    BF4DB Ban Appeal:

    Soldier Name: heboll
    Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile
    Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes

    I find that I was banned and couldn't get in some servers. I try to get in touch with the manager of the server and was told that I was banned for "linked accounts" and not by them. So I'm here to check it out.

               The manager asked me if I used vpn to play and I said yes, cause I have to use a vpn(or something we called game accelerator) to reduce my ping. And I never cheat in game or share my Origin account for sure.

    That's the reason I appeal here. Hope to know if I wan banned by BF4DB and if so what can I do with it.

    Thanks for taking your time, have a good day~

  • heboll
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    You aren't banned by BF4DB.