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    Hello! So I havent actually been banned but my cheating is really far up, 44% and I was wondering if it is possible to make it clear since I can come with stuff that makes sense, So disclaimer my friend GNGoldenBeast but banned really recently for the exact same thing and it is because me and him have been playing a lot on Ribbon Hunter Servers where we do assignments and as you can see on my profile I almost only have the neccesary kills needed with the selected weapons to unlock all of the phantom assignment because that is what I have been doing on the ribbon hunter server, Me and my friends and the people there have been getting assignments so we could go into the elevator and get the bow. And now my friend when we did this assignment stuff my friend Beast did too many Headshots because that will make you auto banned we said, and I did that a lot too so I think that is why my cheating is so High. 

    Im not really good at explaining but I just got autobanned on some servers because my cheating level is on so high. (from the BF4DB anti cheat) And If it is possible I would really appreciate If it is possible clearing so I dont get auto banned on more servers, If this wasnt enaugh info you could ask my friend GNGoldenBeast or the server admins on the Ribbon Hunter like [BRO] ColdDeadEye.

    I will also include a Link to the Reports of the matches on the Ribbon Hunter server!

    Sincerely: Emil/lidas

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    You aren't banned by us so an appeal is not necessary.

    Stat padding is against EA's ToS so you should probably stop doing it.

    Lower your stats and your cheat score will go down.