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    So, They linked -BoxxNIK0- to my account -BoxxLucky- / worstaimbotevr.  I accept that me -BoxxLucky- Cheated in like 2015 or something but -BoxxNIK0- has never cheated in his life.  He is my friend in real life and has a shitty laptop, He comes over to my house every now and then and plays because I have a good PC.  He is buying a PC in june, It would be great if you would remove the link, Thank you


  • -Boxxluxky-
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    Hey -Boxxluxky- !

    first of all I won't be able to blame you for this as we forgot to add it to our policy. However you can only appeal for the accounts you own and that only once.

    Never the less I will answer your appeal as you couldn't have known about this policy.
    The listed account "-BoxxNIK0-" has only been used from a single static IP linking back to both of your accounts currently being "WorstAimbotEvr" and the account that has been compromised by PBBANS being "IHASCOOKIEPOLICY".
    As a simple statement of him "being your friend" is definitely not enough to prove his innocence especially if the account of your "friend" has only been used from your own main IP I can not do anything for you.
    Having your account banned @BF4DB does not mean that you will not be able to play the game anymore, you just won't be able to play on BF4DB protected servers once the plugin used to stream our banlists gets published.