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  • WhyThefuccAmIbanned
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    Soldier Name: Matm3x
    Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile
    Have You Claimed Your Soldier: yes
    Appeal: Hi, this is my second account that i bought for my brother. that suspicious stat change this account was reported for is me playing on this account because i was falsely banned for cheating on my own one.
    KD in those games when i played on this account is really similar to my usual KD on SkeetSkeetNihha
    please unban this account so my brother can play again. and if i can never play on that accout so be it..

    all tho i think thats just nonsense when its my account i paid for too + this game isnt really competetive and i know people that share an account too,, banning someone for a few games with different stats 
    immediately without considering this option seems little unfair and cruel to me. there should be a way  to contact the suspicious person first and not straight up banning them..

  • WhyThefuccAmIbanned
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    Checked again. Your story looks true

    Appeal Approved