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    Good evening! After a long time without playing BF4, I decided yesterday (02/21/2021) to go in and kill the nostalgia, but on any server that entered I was instantly banned, without understanding what was happening I sent a message to EA Help, in which I wait for a response still, today researching more about the case I got to this site and noticed that my Nick SrAlmas was banned for using aimbot on a Japanese server, if I'm not mistaken, as a Brazilian I never played on these servers, I already had an account problem, in which I was hacked , but I managed to recover it in 2019, so much so that the case number at EA was: # 45819144. I looked at topics here on the forum and say that in this case, nothing can be done, but I would like to know if nothing really can be done, thanks anyway for your attention! And sorry for the English of Google Translate xD

    I don't know if you will need it but this is my profile link:

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    It does seem your account was stolen and used to cheat with. Unfortunately since the account was used to cheat with the ban will remain and labelled as a Hacked Account