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    So about a month ago, I was playing BF4 and all of a sudden, I get kicked out of the server I was playing on. At first I was like "oh I just got kicked to make room for some admin I bet." To my surprise it said I got banned from the server. Despite me getting banned being a rare thing for me, I wasn't too surprised as i've had a friend of mine not being able to join servers cuz of a high headshot kill percentage or whatever. Anyways I just assumed that's what I got banned for.

    Right after that I was like, "well let's just play on another server," so I joined another server, and everything was normal for about 4 or 5 minutes, then I get a black screen and i'm back on the menu, saying I "lost connection to the server." I tried joining back, but when I do, it says error code 1 or something like that. I try joining another server, and the same thing happens, everything is fine for 5 minutes and I "lose connection," and when I try to join back, error code 1. Every server I join and get kicked from, it'll say error code 1. 

    After realizing that something's wrong, I decided to research every anti-cheat service that bf4 uses, be it punkbuster or bf4db. I check every banlist and i'm not on any of them. Even on here on BF4DB, my account says 0% cheat, but my numbers under DMG have a lot of orange, mostly cuz I find myself playing on a lot of hardcore servers I guess. I even signed into my friend's account, and nothing, played normally no kick after 5 minutes. It seems like whatever it is, it's linked to my account

    I play both battlefield 4 and battlefield 1, so it's not like my battlefield days are over as I can still play 1, i'd just like to know why this happened. I absolutely have no clue what happened or why this happened, and just to say I said it, I DO NOT cheat.

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    You are not banned on BF4DB. It might have something to do with PB or your internet connection.