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    Dear Admins, If you find errors in my text, then please forgive me, as I write with the help of an interpreter. 03/09/2018 I discovered that my account was hacked and I could not access it. On this day, complaints have been received from friends that i've played on server but didn't come to clan Team Speak cnannel. I tried to enter battlelog from my account but unfortunately couldn't due to wrong password. I've tried to renew password but my mail account also was hacked. I had a second account that I purchased in 2013. I renamed it as 1GHOST5 because this nickname was known by all my friends. As I understand it, I was accused of having my account linked to the one that was hacked. I am proud of you for your work, for that you ban cheaters and provide a good game for honest players. Please consider that i've never used and never been suspected in any kind of cheats in my 7 year expirience in Battlefield series. I am ready to fulfill your requirements for the unban of my account. I ask you to consider my appeal.

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    Your account is your responsibility to keep secure. In this day and age, there is no excuse. 

    Appeal denied.