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    Hello, my name is Pedro, my soldier name in bf4 and in every other game is PedroSinx. I've bought bf4 a long time ago, and i usually dont play too much, as you can see by my profile i'm only lvl 58 despite having the game for 4 years lol. i recently downloaded the game again and discovered that i had a ban here, and apparently it happened 2 years ago.

    Because it happened 2 years ago i have no way to remember which matches. So i can only say that i didnt use any type of hacks or third party program. But i can see that the ban was probably mainly based on Headshots ratio; I honestly didnt think it was too much of a big deal, i sometimes do get a high percentage of HS depending on map, positioning, gun and even skill gap.

    Thanks in advance,

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    These two reports show statistics consistent with aimbot:

    Can you explain?

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    No answer from OP.