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    Soldier Name: xXOMGlegend123Xx

    Link to BF4DB Soldier Profile:

    Have you claimed your soldier: Yes, on another account.


    First and foremost, I should apologize for lying and doing a questionable decision 5 months ago. Here's what happened, I got banned, came here, made an appeal, in which I lied in regards to my stats in the game. It got denied. I essentially raged and decided to completely disassociate myself from that account by changing my login credentials to that BF4DB account (Name: jhghjghjg) which has my soldier claimed and decided to edit my appeal to remove what I stated in the appeal (yes, I acted in a childish fashion). This is why I can't claim my soldier on this account and appeal again. Yes, I know the appeals are final, I just wanted to let this off my chest. I am sorry for doing that, and I am extremely sorry for cheating in the game, I acted immaturely and in a bad manner. I used aim bot, ESP and the likes of that and cheated in the game. I ruined the fun for many by using such cheats, and gained an unfair advantage over others. I am sorry, and I would completely understand if my appeal was denied because this is not only a second appeal, but also a confession of cheating.

    Here's a link to my former profile:

    Here's the link to the first appeal:

    And here's a link for an example of me cheating:

    Thank you.

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    5 months ago you said you only used ESP.

    Now you said you used Aimbot as well.