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    Appeal: First of all, hi again. The reason I'm banned is because I'm supposed to be linked to a banned account for aimbotting that is from by brother's. I didn't appeal right away, because I'm sure the ban won't or can't be lifted as we play on the same PC, same device, so we have the same IP, GUID ,HWID or I don't know what else you check. So now I'm paying the consequences of that ban as well. After I knew about the ban I was sure that you lifting the ban was impossible as I explained before, so I started a new account, clean and fresh, and I knew that sooner or later you were going to ban that account as well, so here I am. I apologize for what my brother did, I didn't know he was cheating and I don't encourage cheating. I can assure you that he's not gonna touch BF4 ever again. For this account I requesting you to lift ban or give me solution, so I can play again.

    This may sound as an excuse saying that my brother was the cheater and all that, but what I wrote is the whole truth.

    PD: I can provide footage of me playing, vehicles or infantry.

    Thank you.