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  • NinjaSpy06
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    Soldier Name: Glockiesz

    Link to BF4DB Soldier Profile:

    Have I Claimed My Soldier: Yes

    Why I should be unbanned: 

    I was about 13 when I got bored of  playing the game normally. Me being an idiot not knowing the risks, tried a hack. I instantly got banned and got upset. For about 3 years on, my BF4 account has been dormant since. I want to come back to the game with a clean slate, a second chance. I feel like an idiot for trying to do that, and it makes me severely cringe every time I look back to it. I would appreciate it if I was unbanned so I can play the game again without any problems.

  • NinjaSpy06
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    We don’t give second chances. 

    Appeal denied.