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    FroToe Posted 3 weeks ago:

    Stats reset back in January.

    Rank 14:

    After a 1-week gap in play, rank 0:


    Appeal: I as a loving battlefield 4 player i have never hacked on battlefield 4 i own if for all my systems and i have gotten it on PC 1 time and never have cheated on it i play fair and honestly. I have been banned by an auto cheat system before for the same reason fair fight with no proof and no reason behind it and no way to appeal it. This is another one of those situations i haven't been on battlefield 4 in almost a week due to hardware problems with my hard drive and when i get it working and get my battlefield 4 installed i join a server with a friend and get kicked by fair fight. I have looked over the stats that were posted above for a reason for me to be banned and i don't see anything wrong with those stats, i was reset the last time to level 0 for nothing and i just started playing again i love battlefield and its my favorite game. I don't understand how me being horrible at the game is a reason to be banned. i play the game for fun and would love to continue to play on battlefield 4 on my computer i just wanna get back to awesome "only in battlefield" moments with my buddies and would appreciate if any of you would take your time out of your day to review this, Thank you.

    Additional Information: I just want to be back to my favorite game with my buddies. I love my battlefield and wanna get back in the game.

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    Prior FairFight suspension,

    Appeal Denied.