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    Appeal: I swear, i don't hack, i just play on ribbon servers and assignment servers (trading kills), AKU-12 is just really easy to get kills with (i don't use it much). I don't know if this counts as evidence that i don't cheat but If u see my kd with my most used guns compared to the AKU-12 you'll clearly see that my kd sucks and for some reason its better with aku-12. if you check my weapon stats. If you want more proof add me on Discord and I can  show you my aim and my playstyle as i dont have any recording software aviable right now as i know of. If you decide to get more proof as in discord, add: Norway.ExE#2402 and i'll screenshare and show you my aim with different guns and my playstyle. My aim is usually on headshot height.

  • GNGoldenBeast
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