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    Appeal: Hello, my name is Gabriel, like two or one month ago i give my "Friend" my origin account pass etc, he like to play BF4 but he dont have money etc. so since that my name was changin to "L3Ticia skye, L3Tyhh or something" so i tried to play on my fav servers but when i enter i got kicked, so i come here to see my account and i got banned  

    Btw, i got hacked by my "Friend" and he used cheats on my account, and after 2 months i decide to appeal it, i hope you guys understand that
    As you can see in the Report video that Hopper send, in the chat u can see he typed "Essa conta ñ e minha mesmo" (That account is not mine by the way" 


  • Gabzz332
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    There is no way for us to confirm whether it was you or your "friend" using the account as you gave them access in the past. Seeing as how there is also little evidence of your account being compromised it does not fall under our "Hacked Account" policy.

    Appeal Denied.