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  • Mikeksmith
    Member since May 21, 2018

    Okay, I am here once again asking to have my ban appealed. I have not ever cheated or hacked, I was banned with zero explanation as to what I did wrong. I have mediocre stats at best and  have an aimbot ban tossed onto my name. I tried to appeal 2 years ago, Can someone please take a look at this. It just does not make sense.

  • Mikeksmith
    Member since January 04, 2018

    You have raised a punkbuster violation on the 21/05/2018. As per our policy on punkbuster's violation raised after 02/2018 and because I see no other evidence of cheat on your account, there is no reason for us to keep the ban.

    Ban Policy :

    Punkbuster suspention notification :

    That being said,