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    Hi, i wanted to play some battlefield 4 today but i saw i've been banned from most servers, because of a match in operation locker. Now i want to say that a squad member of mine placed a beacon there, don't know his name tho. I spawned there and thought it was pretty cool, i didnt even know where i was. I've never ever cheated, ive been a player since 2014 and recently restarted playing. I'm so sad i can't play in my favorite servers anymore... i paid all my pocket money for this back in 2014 :/

    I swear to god that i will never do this again and will report my squadmembers when this occurs one more time. 

    I thank you in advance ,

    greetings DAR1US_007

  • DAR1US_007
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    Hi, i haven't heard of you guys. I really want to play some bf4 but almost all severs are hosted by BF4DB. Please unban me

    With kind regards,


    Have a nice summer.

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    I see no evidence that you abused the map exploit

    Appeal Approved