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    Soldier Name: AidanGoBoom

    Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile:

    Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes.

    Appeal: I am writing this appeal because I am not sure why I have been banned. I started playing again because I have so much free time now in quarantine, and I have not played for the past ten months because of college. After a couple of days of being able to join and play through entire games, I started instantly being kicked by admins for being banned. This was news to me. After researching and seeing I had to join a game through battlelog to see why I was kicked I found this report,, which contains information about matches I had played around the time I was banned. After reviewing the battle reports for which I had been reported I discovered a single game with any superficially suspicious performance.

    This match I had an incredible performance with 99 kills, of which 76 were headshot kills. That is suspicious, but seeing as it was on an Operation Locker only server and that there were plenty of other people in the lobby with similar amounts of kills as I, you can understand that this was an average performance for a decent battlefield player. In fact, I believe that after reviewing the four matches that I was reported for you can see that these are simply pop-off matches and that I was wrongly banned. I attribute my sometimes high headshot ratio to my 2,000 hours in CSGO, where I average 50% headshot kills per competitive match. The following links are those that were included in the report I found

    I believe that your review of these matches will show you that I have wrongly been banned aimbot and dmg hacks.

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    That was not an average performance for a decent battlefield player. Decent battlefield players don't get 63 KPH when the average KPH is ~20.

    Obvious hacking is obvious.