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    So the story begins two months back when a server retard admin reported me for the linked account in BF4DB of rage. But after investigation it was found that I was clean. I am not sure why my account is being linked to an unknown account. I am not raising any question mark on your plugin but seriously this doesn't make any sense. i live in a shared apartment with shared internet and i don't know if your algorithm checks the IP or Hardware any how. I Still say that i am innocent and have no idea about the account i am linked to. Please spare me for God Sake it's been only two months and again it happened.

    Here's the proof that last time i was marked clean. Still i am banned :(


  • Dangerous0078
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    While conducting a background investigation in relation to your application to join our staff, we found that the link is in fact valid and enforced a new ban. 

    Saying that a “retard server admin” banned you says volumes and further reinforces that you are not a good fit for our staff or community.

    In your application, when asked why you’d be a good fit for BF4DB you replied that you really wanted to join our staff to ban hackers and toxic players. Two things come to mind: “Ironic” and lastly “Appeal denied”.