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    I had requested before and would like to Request a second time, in further detail that the *(Admin MSG) -Sqrrl_Tag- is clean* be removed from appearing at the start (sometimes numerous times, 4 - 5) of every round.  I was not reported by another  player  for suspicious stats, I was auto banned by ESF and EXO servers.  (Your  reply said you wouldn't remove it because I had been reported by another player). 

    I do not see any other players previously banned being singled out in this manner unless they have been *Whitelisted*.  Furthermore, the stats in ?, I have a knife it states that I've made 8 kills with, however, I cant use the knife nor obtain it because it was only given to Beta Testers.  Veteran Knife.   Stats are not as accurate as they should be, updates and glitches with this game have made errors with our Game Profiles that we have no control over.  Will You Please remove this posting from appearing, I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Sqrrl-Tag 

  • -Sqrrl Tag-
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    I have answered this once and I won't repeat it because it would literally be the same message as 2 weeks ago. We are very busy and will get to it as soon as possible.

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