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Unfair Ban and Ban Appeal Case 3 months ago

I was banned from BF4DB a couple of days ago for ESP/Wallhacking.  I realized that being banned from BF4DB is like a ban from all of the good servers in the game.  I have never cheated, and I don't have any separate accounts.  I have put everything into this acct. (Premium, lvl. 140, 600hrs, ect.)  There is no reason that I would cheat on that good of an account, if I were to ever do such a thing.  I put up a ban appeal on the BF4DB discord, because I saw that they weren't taking appeals on the forum anymore.  An admin named Karek reviewed my appeal, which I will link to this thread. It started off good, and I gave him my reasons for why I wasn't cheating, and I offered to show him clips from the same day I was banned to prove that I wasn't cheating.  He got back to me about 2 days later, and just straight up denied my appeal without asking to view any of my clips or letting me give a rebuttal.  This is very unfair, and it has made me very sad that this game has such a toxic community like this with admins that have the power to throw your whole account in the trash and are doing so with just very little evidence and their own personal opinion.  I would like another admin(s) to review my case and and allow me to do something like a liveplay for them / send them the excessive amount of evidence that I have in the form of clips. Please stay open minded, and thank you for your time and consideration.


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