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Dear Admin

Although my first language is not English,  but for your convenience, I try to use English to appeal.

Since I am really a big fan of BF4, and almost bought every one of BF series from (BF2142), and after playing BF1 and BF5, I come back and try BF4 again. The recoil seems not that bad and I feel that I can control these guns better comparing to other games like PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege,

In PUBG and PUBG mobile, I am crazy about  M16A4 since its burst is so powerful and it is able to kill the enemy instantly if the burst shots are aimed at the head. And maybe that is why I have such a high HDKR with M4 carbine and M16A4. This is the thing makes the burst AR powerful.

On the other hand, I like to flank, which means enemies do not see me coming and it is easier for headshots, sometimes I died because of aiming at the head. If you can give a chance to look into more reports, I may not have that luck for every game and the stats may seem more acceptable if they can be considered in more battlereports.

By the way, while playing in a public sever, someone just threatens me and told me that I will be banned, and it comes to reality. I am really upset about the decision from the DB Admin, though as an Admin, I would have done the same thing and banned this player. But please give me another chance and review the case again, if the decision remains the same, and that I may consider quitting playing BF4.



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