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JfK-Pain 3 months ago

linked account

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check the statistics please 3 months ago

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-XL-xDonBacardix 3 months ago

watch it carefully! I wrote down when he turned on the cheats! It's not realistic to record the whole game!

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check the statistics please 4 months ago

check the statistics please

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please look carefully! 3 months ago

there are very dubious points!

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dishonest player! Nukem9 5 months ago

dishonest player!

I played with him on hardcore mode!

server hardcore

he sees technique through obstacles! I recorded a video of him playing! recorded a video of my game! on the hardcore mode this is impossible !!!!

my game -

this player is a rogue !!  report of my game

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Anzurian cheats 3 months ago


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cheats 5 months ago

this player is a cheat! because of it my server crashed! you can't tell a cock from a gun !!!!!!!

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time 9.28 .. 4 months ago

time 9.28 .. turn 180 degrees .. kill a player through your player! teamkill and crash!

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-XL-xDonBacardix 9 months ago

about cheat does not always play with the included cheat! it is impossible to record all 3200 tickets! I wrote down the moments when he turned on the cheats!

please study carefully

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