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rules to report cheaters 1 month ago

Why are there rules to report cheaters if they are not followed. I have a friend that was banned just because a person claimed he was linked to some account, which it wasn't then BF4DB takes it upon itself investigate it. Why have rules if they are not followed. Every see a case where someone was acquitted just because the evidence  collected didn't follow the rules. For god sakes it's just  a game and you guys go after it like someone is  a murder.  People deserve second chances!

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If banned--> banned forever 1 month ago


If a player was banned for being in glitched area of a map by mistake and banned, are they forever banned? Do players not get 2nd chances? This player had over 4 thousand hours of normal play and now that he is banned he can never play BF4 again with his friends for one mistake?  

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linked account and how is it proved 1 month ago

Hello, if someone come to BF4DB claiming 2 account are the same person how does BF4DB verify it? 

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