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BAN APPEAL 7 months ago

Soldier Name: BattlegirlHD1313
Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile: .
Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes.

I was banned due to Aimbot.

I was on this server:"[X] -FIGHTER - GOLMUD ONLY {60Hz | NOOBS & FUN}" with a friend, to get the 20 headshots needed for the DEAGLE 44.

Since we met in the same place and we talked to each other, he stood there and didn‘t move, so I reached 8 headshots, which resulted in a precision of 88%.

After about 5 minutes I was banned from the server.

Reason: Aimbot.

I don't use Aimbot.

I am a clean player with an average K/D of 0.52 and an average precision of 8.49%.

This was no Aimbot, I was just getting the needed Headshots. It might be a reason to kick me, but not a reason to report me for using Aimbot.

Here is the battlereport:

These are some of my current battlereports:

I hope this clears anything up.

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Why am I banned as a cheater? 7 months ago

Why was I banned as aimbot?

I do not use any cheats and, like many here, was banned by "Torsten-AUR-" as a cheater (aimbot).

Is there any video evidence at all, or is it so easy to ban players?

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