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Account 2 months ago

Hey bois n girls after returning to be a clean gamer, i just want to get this acc deleted since i still use this name in some games and don´t want to get associated with cheats anymore. 

thanks in advance! 



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Ban Appeal 2 years ago

Soldier Name: Zkeletor1337

Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile: https://bf4db.com/profile/Zkeletor1337

Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes.

Appeal: First of all, i got banned justly. I did had an Aimbot back then and i was feeling pretty badass reking dem N00bs when i started to test out my first self-scripted aimbot. I was excited for Battlefield 5 and thought i could do what ever i want. So i decided to cheat, and got banned pretty fast on one of your server. What i didnt knew was: That i want to play Battlefield 4 again after some time. So a friend of mine and I joined a server and i got kicked after a messaged that told me i was a hacker etc (Aimbot). I do not want to press on the lacrimal gland ( As i would say in german :D) But i for real regret it since cheating is really boring and the game is actually pretty fun (Almost nostalgic). I´d understand if u told me that what i did was wrong and you´re not going to unban me, i really would, but i do hope too, that there is a chance of getting unbanned from this Service.  I promise i wont cheat again and ruin the gameplay of other gamers.

Sincerely, Zkeletor1337!

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