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XJawa's case 1 month ago

This is not a ban appeal, as I'm actually now banned... The process went smoothly, I had an interaction with 2 admins, the 3rd one was not willing to talk to me. My review of the whole situation would be a 3/5, 1 point loss due to the fact that they are not available, and another point loss is that even if they are available, you can't talk to them because they will ban you without a reason, it is even stated in their signature(this is true).

The process:

My first ban appeal was a post in which I was not allowed to respond, and it was closed(I don't count this as a ban appeal).

My 2nd ban appeal: I submitted 3 recordings, 1 of my keyboard and mouse setup, and 2 videos of me using a shotgun(a mistake on my behalf since I didn't know that headshot hitmarks are very rare with shotguns, at least this is what the community statistically "agrees" on) - Admin's response: "Your hand cam is covering the minimap(their excuse, they also asked me to remove it completely), shotguns don't count(I wanted to use shotguns as I knew I'd win), you should make videos with AEK(I did, but they closed the thread).

Player Setup - Video #1: https://youtu.be/WuwAxPuwLw0

Locker First Session - Video #2: https://youtu.be/z2T1Q0emDZ4

Second locker session - Video #3: https://youtu.be/wdplJQ7BVkQ

My 3rd unannounced ban appeal: Previous thread was closed so I continued talking to Burt, he is an admin, and he wanted specifically AEK videos, but he blocked me, and I was unable to submit the videos to him, so I submitted them to Sovereign_Skies, without response, and I'm now banned.

AEK Session: https://youtu.be/EVJpdnk9zr0

^^ I managed to obtain 41% of headshots, but there was a complaint on the quality of the video(they take hours to compile), and I'm sorry for that, so I made another video today, but I was unable to send it as admins were unavailable, and my process went from Investigating to Banned.

Last AEK Session: https://youtu.be/xwwJmFRup3M


I did everything that you guys asked, every single footage that I submitted wasn't enough, every single metric asked was beat, but still not enough, so I have a final invitation, and I want to escalate this matter to this level, as this is the last resource that I have.

I'm inviting any official representative to Dreamhack, this is an event where you bring your computer, and play games with others, I want one of you guys to test my computer, play a round, and then allow me to play a round to actually clear my name once and for all, this may cost well over a $1000, but unfortunately this is what is taking me to clear my name.

Sincerely, XJawa.

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Xjawa ban appeal 2 1 month ago

Very cowardly to lock a thread without a reply admin, I'm willing to submit my keyboard and webcam to show you that my skills are legit.

If that doesnt suffice than I can't do anything else, in fact I'm proud of the fact that you and your friend got me banned, just shows me you're afraid of people with more skill than you all.

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XJawa ban appeal 1 month ago

Unfortunately I can't keep my post short due to the significance of the situation, so I will mainly talk about three main arguments.

1.My stats.

My KD ratio right now is = 1.25; Kills: 9962, Deaths: 7952, 1213 of those kills came from my favorite weapon which is the EOD BOT(10% rank, aiming for at least 5%). without those, my KD ratio would be = 1.100

I would argue that all of my other numbers are normal, there are weapons that give you a better edge than others in close quarters combat for instance shotguns; Out of my 252hrs I would argue that I play most of my time on Operation Locker, I used to play in a server that is now closed which is the WHG server.

As some of you would remember, there were players that would commonly reach above 200kills in a round, I once saw a guy reach 300, and in that server with 4 times the tickets, I once surpassed a 100, with a high death toll, but I was proud, yet a little jealous, since I must have reported at least 10 people, and none of those people got banned, yet yesterday I encouraged a player to report me, because I know I'm clean, and now I'm banned.

2. My routine

As sad as this going to sound, I don't enjoy playing this game, it takes a toll on my body, because the level of play is extremely high, and even if I try my best, I can only reach the top 8 every so often, yesterday was my best round where I actually ended up in 2nd place.

Before I start my round, I have to be sharp, I take a glass of water and pop an amphetamine, I take a cold shower, I come back to my computer, and then I'm ready to play not more than 3 rounds.

Remembering Operation Locker: The game consists of several bottle necks, my game plan consists of 50% bottle necks, 25% snow, and the other 25% is me attempting to make "cerebro" plays. Before I do any of this I constantly analyze our team positioning, specially between transitions, I always pick the best team setup, I change guns depending on the required scenario. I would argue that I look at the map more times than seasoned pros.

3. Last night.

I reduced my play on bottle necks, and starting playing the snow a little more(I avoid snow, because the high level players are usually playing there), to my surprise my squad was playing extremely well, we had two medics, me included, and we just had the perfect synergy(My squad ended in top 8, but we still lost)... On the opposite team there were 2 opponents, one of them is usually #1 every single time that he plays(I will avoid his name just because I will give him the benefit of the doubt). I'd say 9/10 times I lose against this particular opponent, but last night I crushed him, he might have killed me once or twice, but this invited him to accuse me of cheating, and I'm now banned, I can only speculate that the top pros protect each other, and it seems to be the case whenever there are "hackusations" in the chat, as they all seem to protect each other.

You guys are free to unban me or leave me banned, but just to be clear, I'm happy with the progress I made so far, and I know some of you out there started the same way I was with a KD of 0.5 and some of you are now like 4 to 1 or 3 to 1, but whatever. Thanks for everything.

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