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BAN APPEAL 4 months ago

1.03 KDR, .43 KPM, not sure exactly what skill means and don't remember if 452 SPM is impressive or not, all I know is that to me does not look at all like any possible cheats --  I never played BF4 much because my computer sucked, now I have a new computer and wanted to give it a try again.

Trying to figure out if someone possibly hacked my account, but can't find any history of last login information...  All I know for sure is;  I've never hacked/cheated/etc ever once and I've been playing FPS games since back when CS1.6 was popular and since have played BF2, 3, 4, and 1 so I am a veteran BF player and I used to be top 3 almost always on the score list(BF 2&3).

Please unban so I can give this game a play for once with a good computer!!!!   Been a waste of time dealing with PunkBuster as they did not respond.  Wasted calling battlefield support to be redirected to PB and now having to register and link/confirm...  I just wanted to give this game a play for a while until I probably ditch it for BF5 :/


So... I out of curiosity was reading other ban appeal posts and saw someone post about stat padding...  I've done this in both BF3 and BF4 for sure on servers specifically designed for leveling up your weapons/vehicles and an admin claims past history has been corrupted/lost so that really sucks!  Guilty until proven innocent here since the proof is inaccessible!  Sort of lame, but I hate hackers a ton myself, but what this does is forces people to grind all the weapons/vehicles or pay for the weapons packs to the greedy people who make this game!!!!!!  SAD!  I see nothing wrong with stat padding but the downside I see now is punkpuster will ban you for doing it and they are not intelligent enough to create an anti-cheat system that realizes certain servers have these lopsided stats!  

Lazy PB or greedy PB stopping people from earning their weapons by doing the boring work of sitting in a stat padding server because they are too cheap to pay to unlock a damn gun in this game!  All guns should be free and not earned and stat padding would NOT EXIST(unless you need to feel cool with artificial stats).



P.S.  if you could email me a response that would be great!

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