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Report for DICE-TIGER 4 years ago

So this guy is set as clean since no proof provided.

I was checking him on metabans ( and there is a youtube video linked.

Check it out I think one can clearly see how his health is recovering even while under suppression or fire.

Also seems to have a stats reset from fairfight when you check here

5 months ago rank 124

4 months ago rank 3

Hope this helps!

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Sitebot 4 years ago

Hey guys,

I am wondering as if there is any description of how your sitebot triggers on cheaters and detects them?

For example, this guy, has a cheat score of 40%.

I only have to look at the stats for M416 with 15% accuracy but 55% HSK ratio to know he uses an aimbot.

So I wonder, if you are planning some refinements on your sitebot to actually ban those players automatically or if you think that is too risky due to false positives?

Keep up the great work and I will try to propagate all our future bans to your site to help you and others out :)

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