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try to find one player 4 days ago

my last round  today one real noob shoot me repeatedly in a strange way with a sniper rifle,

3-4 kills only 

not impossible shots but very strange kills for a noob sniper 

so i check the battlereport if i find a sign of cheating

the battlereport is this :

the player name & profile is :

but i cannot find his profile here or on fair fight

he change his name or a global ban ? 

he play only one round and disappeared from the system ? 

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Is this a cheat ? ? 2 weeks ago

hello boys

before i report one player i need your opinion,

if he is using a cheat or he is just a skilled player ?

watch the video and tell me about : 

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watch the spectator video and tell me if 3 years ago

this player is cheating or not ?

he is banned in BF4DB i am happy to see that now but you cane add this video for more evidence if is good ?

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cannot find one player 3 years ago

in this game

the was a player, he kill everybody with iron-sights in distance so easy and so many times

anyway i try to check this players after the game finish

he quit i little before the end

i cannot find hem at all , same he never join :-(

how is that possible if he was playing in this round with me ?

hes name was Florida something and lvl 130 i thing and finish almost the round with +160 kills +20 deaths

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