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BF4DB Ban Appeal 3 months ago

Soldier Name: Psycxo
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Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes
Appeal: I just recently got banned. I don`t know why. I know that I don`t have good Stats and K/D Ratio. I mostly play on Metro with 50% or 100% Boosters. I get lot of Deaths than Kills. I am playing game at Low Graphics Setting upto 40 to 55 FPS with a 3MB Internet Connection. I can show that I am not a cheater but a honest player. To be honest I swear I never used and cheating on the game. I try to play with all weapons but some were like very comfortable for me to kill easily so I used them a lot when I was playing 6 to 7 hours daily but now a days I`m more into education so I mostly play 2 to 3 Hours.

Here are some of the screenshots showing scoreboard when playing the game... (Note: Taken before ban)        (Match END not on Metro)
        (Metro Conquest -1)
             (Metro Conquest -2)
      (Metro Conquest -3)
        (Metro Conquest -4)
            (Screenshot showing how my game looks in Low GFX setting along with avg 53 FPS - using 1024*768 Resolution)

As you can see I have more deaths than kills. If I really am a cheater there will be more kills than my deaths.

For the Ping issue. I have no idea why i don`t get Ping on BF 4 otherwise I get in other games like in CSGO, etc. I asked my ISP, he said that it will be fixed soon as it is maybe a problem from them.

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