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Last Ban appeal 1 month ago

This will be the last time i will make this ban appeal.

I am banned from BF4DB servers and i don't have to explain it again because you guys already know.

Indeed i was banned and that was valid cause i know tradekilling isn't allowed.

I want to play this game so badly,  also my brother (Rfiqo)

Now i will tell you the truth why we are linked, so a year ago  Sybranicus (Our cousin) was here on his bf4 account playing with us.

 months later he used hacks, and he got banned (and i understand why).

In 2018 i got banned for tradekilling and after that my brother Rfiqo was also banned because of me.

so that is what actually happened.

I will not make this mistake again.

Happy holidays.

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Suspicious stats 2 months ago

Hi there, last time i made a ban appeal was a month ago, but it was denied.

so let me make it clear , as i said before i trade killed with some friends, 

cuz i wanted to complete a  ''phantom assignment''.

i got 200 kills with the RPK-12, and with c4 i got like 50 kills.

in total 250, here is my RPK-12 Stats, The assignment, and battle report.

you may asking why i don't have many kills, because i got kicked from the server

when i played one of your servers, i saw on the screen  ''Banned for Suspicious stats: 200 Kills with RPK-12''.

As  i said before, i don't have any hacks. i T-R-A-D-E-K-I-L-L-E-D.

Thank you.

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My friend can't login in his account 2 months ago

Hello there, my friend can't login into his account, he needs a 2fa code but he doesn't even have one, so is there a  other solution 

to get a 2fa code?

Account name: Rfiqo

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Ban appeal 4 months ago

Hello im always getting banned from servers and i hate it, reason its always this stats thing i had help with a guy for phantom assignment and made 200 kills with the Rpk-12 i know its much but thats what i needed for the assignment so please unban me asap my name is 1237772 on BF4

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